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Elsema Waterproof Remotes - Now Available

Elsema Waterproof Remotes - Now Available

Have you even wished that you could take you garage door and gate remote for a swim with you, well now you can thanks to Elsema’s brand new water proof Pentafod remote.

Following on from there hugely successful indestructible Pentafob (literally indestructible, you can drive a truck over it and it still works) Elsema have now launched the latest in the Pentafob range, a 100% water proof remote. This remote will be great when the wet seasons rolls around in the summer months. It doesn’t matter how drenched you get you can be guaranteed your remote will always work.

Being the sceptics that we are here at KODE Remotes we have had one of these remotes sitting in a bowel of water since we received the new stock , and we can report first hand that they are indeed waterproof.